About the show

Stuart Mackenzie - host, producer, researcher, marketing manager and web developer

A podcast of voice memos shared openly for those that want or need to hear them.

The basic idea of the show is to record and openly share voice memos as a means to explore the following…

1. When humans record their voices for an audience to consume asynchronously (answering machines, voice notes) and without conscious preparation(scripts, guides, prompts) that the results can often be interesting, humorous, odd, rambling and informative to an extent beyond the original intention.

2. A recording of information or opinion for future use, openly shared, could benefit a wider group of people than those intended as the original audience.

You can hear me ramble on about the premise and inspiration for the show in my first memo called 'Start explaining'.

Ways you can get involved

1. Listen, Subscribe, Share, Comment - Knowing people are listening to the show and getting something out of this little experiment will help motivate me to put more time and energy into it.

2. Record a memo!- I’d love this show to be a collaborative effort and include a range of voices and perspectives. If you have something to share, but don’t want to set up your own podcast, please get in touch, and we’ll see if we can make that happen.

More about the creator

Hey, I’m Stuart. To pay my bills, I work as a consultant helping to improve our Public Services. I’m also known for being a father, husband, occasional runner, photography nerd, parkrun fanboy, geek and exotic disco dancer!

You can find more about me on my personal site and blog.

I’m the creator, producer, marketing manager and web developer for Memo from me. I’ve got a tiny amount of podcasting experience from many years back when some friends and I recorded a show about digital photography. That said, I’m definitely not a master of any of the roles listed above. I’m making this up as I go! Let me know if you spot any mistakes and I'll do my best to rectify.